Delivery of goods from China

Delivery of goods from China

Shipping from China is one of the most popular destinations in the Russian Federation.

We have been improving the service for delivery of goods from China during 10 years, helping clients to solve the most difficult questions.

Goods delivery from China to Russia is a complex process that involves the combination of different types of transport: sea, air, railroad, car transport. Transportation of goods requires a well-coordinated interaction of carriers and owners of transport infrastructures: ports, container terminals, railway stations, airports.

Conflict of interests of Chinese suppliers, carriers and owners of transport infrastructures, as a rule, leads to enormous costs for the end users of these services, customers.

In order to balance the interests of the parties and to neutralize unnecessary costs in the process of delivering goods from China, international logistics specialists are usually involved in the process.


For any cargo.

The most universal, reliable and money saving way. Suitable for all types of goods, including dangerous and perishable.

LTL delivery

For goods from 100 kg.

Complex delivery: sea + railroad or air. For consignments consisting of small lots that require consolidation in one warehouse.

Express Air Freight

For goods from 50 kg.

The most expensive, but at the same time it is the most convenient way of delivery cargo for small volume with the maximum speed.


  • Experience and competence
    10 years our experience allows us to successfully apply knowledge and skills in the field of international logistics, so that our customers receive high-quality service that guarantees you 100% reliability of cooperation.
  • No language barriers
    Our specialists have complete mastery over Chinese and English language, which gives you the opportunity to interact most effectively with your Chinese supplier.
  • Complex solution of tasks
    We take care of all the technical problems associated with the purchase and transportation of goods from China, which gives you the opportunity to devote more time to the development of your business.
  • Legal agreement
    The purity of each transaction is achieved through a mutually beneficial version of the contract. You are always in complete safety and security.
  • Save up to 10% of the usual delivery time
    We shorten the delivery time of your cargo by using direct routes and professional interaction with all participants of the transportation process.
  • Deep knowledge of customs regulations
    This allows you to go through the process of customs clearance and procedures for additional customs control for the minimum time and without costs.
  • Save up to 15% of the budget
    Thanks to our own container park, you save a lot on transportation of goods.
  • Transparent prices and accounting support
    Transparent charging of services allows you to manage financial flows without incidental costs.
  1. Terms of delivery:
    • EXW
    • CFR
    • CIF
    • FOB
    * Typically, Chinese suppliers point it in Invoice.
  2. In 100% of cases the delivery of goods from China is subject to customs clearance.
  3. Rates for the delivery of goods from China are calculated individually. To find out the cost, call us or send the application form.


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