Shipping from china in container (import)

Shipping from china in container (import)


Container shipments from China - belong to the basic type of import shipments.

The container is the most convenient and multi-turn tare.

This type of delivery ensures the greatest safety of cargo, because the goods are not manipulated in the process of transportation, except for cases related to customs inspection.

Thanks to a wide network of agents, customers can order a container in almost any port of China.

The most profitable way of transporting goods is sea shipping.

On the territory of the Russian Federation containers are delivered by railroad.

Container transport is suitable for various types of cargo:

  • dimensional;
  • oversized and large-volume;
  • dry and liquid;
  • dangerous;
  • perishable (food).

Thanks to the presence of an active fleet of containers, you can always order:

  • 20 foot. KTK = 33.2 m3 (21,7 t)
  • 40 foot. KTK = 67.5 m3 (26,5 t)
  • 40 foot. HC = 75.6 m3 (26,3 t)
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  • 20 foot. KTK = 26.5 m33 (23,9 t)
  • 40 foot. KTK = 60.2 m3 (27,9 t)
  • 40 ft. HC = 66.1 m3 (27,9 t)
* for perishable goods

A wide network of agents allows you to deliver your goods from any ports of China. The most popular them are:

  • Shanghai (Shanghai);
  • Ningbo;
  • Tianjin / Xingang;
  • Dalian;
  • Qingdao;
  • Xiamen;
  • Guangzhou / Huangpu;
  • Shenzhen (Shenzhen);
  • Yantian;
  • Fuzhou;
  • Foshan;
  • Suzhou;
  • Wenzhou;
  • and others.
  • Eastern port (Nakhodka)
  • Commercial Port (Vladivostok)
  • Fishing port (Vladivostok)

In Russia containers are delivered by railroad and car transport to the customer's warehouse. There are fast trains (shuttles) from Vladivostok They regularly depart in the following directions:

  • Moscow - delivery time is from 9 days
  • Yekaterinburg - delivery time is from 10 days
  • Novosibirsk - delivery time is from 6 days

Sending to other cities of Russia are carried out within the terms established by RZD. The average delivery time on the railway is 20 days.

Your personal manager gives you information about the location of the container 3 times a week and also gives you information about the operations performed with it - you always know where your cargo is at the moment.


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For 10 years we have created an ideal system of logistics and service, guaranteeing you 100% reliability of cooperation.

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We take care of all the efforts associated with the purchase and transportation of goods, allowing you to calmly develop your business.

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Thanks to a mutually beneficial contract, you are always in complete safety and security.

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We minimize the delivery time of your cargo by using direct routes.

Partnership with customs

Your cargo passes customs control in a minimum time without delays and additional checks.

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Thanks to our own free containers, you save a lot on transportation of goods.

Transparent prices and accounting support

Transparent charging of services allows you to manage financial flows without incidental costs.

  • When importing goods by railroad, you should pay attention to the fact that there is a restriction on the weight of the 1st place according to the rules of RZD, namely: if one place weighs more than 1.5 tons, the sketch of loading is required.
  • According to the rules of the Russian Railways, the goods can be subject to mandatory paramilitary protection.
  • When scheduling delivery terms, it should be borne in mind that the actual timeframes are generally faster than the regulatory deadlines set by the sea lines and RZD. For example, the regulatory period on the route Vladivostok-Moscow is 30 days, and the actual - 9 days.


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