Refund of chinese vat

Refund of chinese vat

In China, there is a system for the return of value-added tax - VAT.

These rights can be used by Chinese and foreign companies that have the right to export. At the same time, such a privilege is allowed to foreign companies only if the turnover is at least 800,000 yuan per year.

If the certificate on the right of activity was issued by the Chinese Commercial - Industrial Administration Office writing rights to import-export , then the enterprise has the right to apply for a VAT refund.

We are registered as an export company on the territory of China and have a right to refund of VAT. If the supplier's certificate does not specify rights to import and export, we will offer our services as an intermediary for the possibility of further VAT refund.

The VAT rate in China is:

  • for manufactured goods: from 7 to 17%;
  • for agricultural products: up to 10%.

However, it depending on the subcategories of the product.


  • Product: power supplies;
  • TNVED: 8504409008;
  • cost of the invoice: $ 84,000;
  • to refund: $ 4,250.

In some cities and provinces, a cumulative VAT refund system is used. In this case, the amount of tax that is subject to return within a year of the enterprise's activity is returned only a year after the start of export activities.

If the amount of the planned transaction involves significant VAT payments, we recommend that you pay special attention to this when negotiating with the manufacturers.


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