Technical import

Technical import

We act as a formal contractor with your supplier on the basis of the information provided and the specification. This is necessary for the rapid passage of customs procedures on the border of the Russian Federation.

Relations with the client based on a contract of sale or agency agreement: they are formal and necessary for the regulation of tax formalities. The process of relations with the Chinese supplier and all agreements with it are only your decision.

Using "technical import" service, our customers relieve themselves of technical cooperation with customs authorities and currency control bodies, receive a reduction in delivery terms, customs clearance and full guarantee of financial transparency of the whole process.

The main advantage is that risks associated with secondary customs control (confiscation of goods, the collection of customs payments) are excluded. You receive the goods for free circulation in the territory of the Russian Federation.


  • There is no need to open a transaction passport, purchase a currency, conclude an external economic contract;
  • Your risks associated with customs clearance of goods are reduced, with the adjustment of the customs value of the goods;
  • Reduction of costs due to lower tariffs for brokerage and WSS services;
  • Reduction of time for document processing;
  • Reduce the cost of maintaining your own logistics department and customs clearance department, or optimizing their work;
  • Reduction of the transport component in the final price of the goods due to the optimization of the transportation process;
  • No risks related to secondary customs control, currency control and confirmation of VAT in counter tax inspections.


  • сalculation of the value of the contract and the amount of customs payments according at the request of the client;
  • conclusion of a foreign trade contract on behalf of the customer;
  • settlements in foreign currency related to the purchase of goods;
  • transportation and insurance of cargo in transit (at the request of the client);
  • permitting documents for import (certificates, declarations of conformity, PGR);
  • customs clearance;
  • registration of related documents;
  • transfer to the customer the goods, accounting documents in accordance with Russian tax legislation, a detailed expense report and a set of supporting documents.


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