Consolidation of cargo

Consolidation of cargo

For entrepreneurs who order goods from several Chinese suppliers, it is more convenient and more profitable to group their goods in a single warehouse in China, and then send the finished product as a whole container. The process of collecting goods in one place is commonly called "Consolidation of cargo".

Consolidation of cargo optimizes the cost of delivery and storage of small quantities of goods.

Convenience of consolidation is in the presence of modern warehouse terminals in major cities of China - the centers of transport hubs. This makes it possible to build up a flexible relationship with a large number of Chinese suppliers and comfortably form a wide range of goods for further imports into the Russian Federation.

We take the cargo from the supplier, pack it and store it in a container. If you need to deliver goods from China from different suppliers, we will collect the goods in your personal container FCL. This will save money and simplify transportation.

The maximum date of expiry and volume of the lot is unlimited.

When accepting an order, it is immediately included in a single schedule of transport flights, which means reserving a place in a container or vehicle just for this cargo. This allows you to accurately calculate the delivery time of the goods even before it is shipped by the supplier.


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